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Ref. No. Division / Sub Division Estimated Amount
Issue Date
Last Date
Name of Work
Item Description
Quantity Required
10  SSE 66 KV SS

Rs. 40000/-
providing silica gel breather for T-4 & T-5 Power Transformer at 66KV GSS Sec 52 and replacement of MS boxes of 66KV CT connection Marshalling boxes under SSE 66KV Sec 52 Chd  
(M)/Supply and erection of silica gel breather having capacity 5Kg (T-4 and T-5 Transformer) 4 Nos
(M)/Supply and fitting of GI assembly consisting of GI pipe 1/2 inch dia about 2 mtr in length alongwith S/E of other accessories i.e. flange, socket, bends etc. 4 jobs
(M)/Replacement of MS marshalling boxes of 66KV CTs connections having size 18X18 and 9 inch deep having top canopy shape made out of 16 guage MS sheet with 4 Nos legs with 40X40X5 mm angle iron about 2 feet long and grouted in earth with cement concrete mixture. the boxes to be provided with connectors as required at site, complete in all respect (T-2, T-3 and T-4 transformer) 3 Nos
(M)/Less Credit of old damaged/outlived 3 Nos. MS boxes L/S
44185/9  SSE 66 KV SS

Rs. 49500/-
maintenance of 66KV Grid Sub Station Sector 01 Chandigarh  
(M)/Dismantlement of charging system of the 11KV breaker 1 Job
(M)/Reset the charging system after replace the broken part 1 Job
(M)/Cleaning, servicing of mechanism system and lubrication of the moving parts of the breaker 1 Job
44189/17  Elecy Op SD 1

Rs. 40000/-
Mtc. of L.D.System under Electy. OP. Sub Divn.No.1,Sec.23D,Chandigarh (Site- SCO No.1018 to 1026 Sec.22B, SCO No.1100 to 1108,Sec.22B,Chandigarh)  
(M)/S/E of LT fuse unit L-strips for connecting the cables 50 Nos.
(M)/D/O & E/O LT cables 20 Nos.
(M)/S/E of end Termination of cable i.e. cutting of burnt cable & re-connect the same 20 Nos.
44190/390-95  Const. Sub Division No. 4
Sector 9, Chandigarh
Rs. 50000/-
Annual repair and maintenance of Govt Medical College and Hospital Sector 32 Chandigarh  
(M)/Door stopper aluminium double legged 50 nos
(M)/Door spring casted 50 nos
(M)/Commercial plywood 8 inch x 4 inch 6mm 96 sft
(M)/Wire gauge 22 x 12 x 2.5 feet wide 500 sft
(M)/Aluminum D C sectional handle 150mm size 20 nos
(M)/Aluminium Tower bolt 150 x 10mm ISI marked 30 nos.
(M)/Iron black nails 0.75 inch jali 2 pkt
(M)/Nails of sorts 1 inch x 4 inch 5 kg
(M)/Iron wood screws 20 x 5 per pkt of 200 nos. 6 pkt
(M)/Iron wood screws 35 x 8 per pkt of 200 nos 6 pkt
(M)/Star Gypsum screw size 25mm per pkt 1000 nos 2 pkt
(M)/Iron nails 17 nos. without head in 2.5 kg 2 pkt
(M)/Hydraulic door closer ISI marked 30 nos.
(M)/Curtain Rods Iron 36 rft
(M)/Sun Mica 8 feet x 4 feet 36 sft
(M)/Piano hinges 50 rft
(M)/Magetic catcher 10 nos.
(M)/Putty clay for fixing glass 50 kg

Rs. 200000/-
Auction of Mango and other fruits crops for the year 2018 under the area Horticulture Division No 2 Chandigarh  
(M)/Mango and other fruit crops for the year 2018 in the area in High Court Building Sector 1, Sector 22 to 25, 25 (West), Sector-2 to 21., 26 to 30, Indl. Area Phase-I Northen Road Marg Sector -3 & 4, 9-10, Madhya Marg Sector 12 to 14 to UT Boundary, PKL IT Road Transport Light Sector-26 Tribune Chowk Route No 2 (hallowmajra to Railway line) & Kalka Road Daura, Chandigarh Village Dhanas, Khuda Lahora and Sarangpur Chandigarh (Land acquired by Chandigarh Administration) Sector 52 to 56, 56 (West), 48 to 51 and Outer Dakshin Marg, Sector 31 to 34, 44 to 47, Indl. Area Phase-II and Tribune Chowk to UT Boundary Zirakpur Chandigarh Sector 35 to 43, 38 (west) , Dadu Majra, Maloya Chandigarh and only mango fruit crops in Govt. Nursery Sector-23 Chandigarh Mango Garden (Area behind the High Court Punjab Civil Secretariat) Note:- Except all the area under Municipal Corporation, All Govt. and Private School, Colleges, MLA Hostel/ Flats Sector 3 & 4 Chandigarh, Raj Bhawan Punjab , Raj Bhawan Haryana UT Guest House Sector-06, All Govt. houses in Chandigarh and area under forest nursery/ office near Garden of Spring Sector-53, Chandiarh. 1
44194/77/23.05.2018  EE MC PH1
EE MC PH1, Sec 11, Chd
Rs. 99000/-
Urgent repair rewinding of 250 HP 3 phase squirrel cage electric motor at New MES pump house at water works Sector 39 Chandigarh.  
(M)/Repair Rewinding the stator of 250 HP 3 phase 50 H 415 Volt squirrel cage electric motor by replacement of superior quality double enameled copper winding wire make BIC, ATLES, insulation F class flaxilam, eurotherm , epoxy wedge, glass sleeves F class, Dr beck varnishing, Red bectol coating, connection leads glass insulated, drying of stator in oven and transportation etc complete in all respect. 1 job
(M)/Less for old wire
44197/23/24.05.2018  EE MC PH1
EE MC PH1, Sec 11, Chd
Rs. 77850/-
Quotation for the work of construction of 2 Nos road gullies and manholes near H. NO. 5797, Sector 38 West, Chandigarh.  
(M)/Earth work in excavation by mechanical means Hydraulic exceeding manual means in foundation or drain not exceeding 1.5 m in width or 10 sqm on plan in clouding dressing of sides and ramming of bottom, lift upto 1.5 m, including getting out the excavated soil as directed, within a lead of 50 mm. 18 cum
(M)/Carriage of material by mechanical transport including loading, unloading and stacking Earth Approx 60 above of item DSR lead up to 2 km Complete in all respect 11 cum
(M)/Providing Laying In Position Cement Concrete Of specified Grade Excluding Cast Of Centering And Shuttering All work up to plinth level 1:5:10 1 Cement 5 fine sand 10 graded stone aggregate 40 mm nominal size. 1.50 cum
(M)/Providing, laying and jointing RCC pipes class NP 2 with stiff mixture of cement mortar in the proportion of 1:1 1 cement 1 fine sand including testing of joints etc complete
(M)/for 12 I d pipe line 300mm 10 mtr
(M)/Brick work with F.P.S bricks of class designation 75 in foundation and plinth in cement mortar 1:4 1 cement 4 coarse sand. 6 cum
(M)/Providing And Laying In Position Cement Concrete Of Specified Grade Excluding The Cost Of Centering And Shuttering All Work Upto Plinth Level 1:2:4 1 Cement 2 Coarse Sand 4 Graded Stone Aggregate 40 Mm Nominal Size. 1 cum
(M)/12 mm cement plaster finished with a floating coat of neat cement of mix: 1:4 1 cement 4 coarse sand complete in all respect 15 sqm
(M)/Centering and shuttering including strutting, propping etc and removal of form for suspended floors, roofs, landings, balconies and access platform. 7 sqm
(M)/Reinforcement for R.C.C. work including straightening cutting bending, placing in position and bending all complete. 120 kg
(M)/Reinforcement Cement Concrete work in beams suspended floor roofs having slope up to 15 landings, balconies, shelves, chajjas, lintels, bands, plan window sills, staircases and spiral stairs cases up to floor five level excluding the cost of centering, shuttering, finishing and Reinforcement Cement with 1:2:4 1 Cement 2 coarse sand 4 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size complete in all respect. 1.50 cum
(M)/Providing and Fixing of pre cast RCC MH cover and frame of required shape and size of approved quality HD 20 circular 560mm I d as per DSR 2 nos
(M)/Providing and Fixing of RCC road gully cover with frame in 1:2 cement sand mortar complete in all respect as per entire satisfaction of E.I.C. 4 nos

Rs. 25000/-
A Mtc of roads under the jurisdiction of R 9 Sub Division, M C, Chandigarh Ward No 11  
(M)/Providing and fixing PCC channels of size 2 0 x 1 0 having 3 thickness made of plain cement concrete 1:2:4 duly vibrated and compacted. The rate also includes the cost of filling and pointing of joints between channels with cement mortar 1:4 1 cement 4 coarse sand complete in all respects complete in all respects to the entire satisfaction of Engineer in charge. 240 rmt
44198/704-708  SDE R-3
Addl. Delux Bldg. Sector 9, Chandigarh
Rs. 33000/-
Providing and fixing of kerbs and channels in Punjab Governor House Sector 6 Chandigarh.  
(M)/Providing and fixing factory manufactured precast concrete kerbs of size 600mmx225mm having 100mm thickness duly vibrated, mechanically and compacted made of P.C.C 1:2:4 duly cured and finished. The rate further include filling of joints between kerbs with cement mortar 1:2 complete in all respects and to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer-in-Charge. 40 rmt
(M)/Providing and fixing factory manufactured precast concrete channels of size 600 x 300mm having 75mm thickness duly vibrated, mechanically and compacted made of P.C.C 1:2:4 duly cured and finished. The rate further include filling of joints between channels with cement mortar 1:2 complete in all respects and to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer-in-Charge. 170
8507/133  Elecy Op SD 2

Rs. 30000/-
Mtc of L.D System( Site: 1 KV I/D Sub Station Sec 7 C.)  
(M)/Repl of 1 No burnt CT of ratio 300/150/5A 1n 11 KV I/C OCB pannel No 30361G make crompton capacity 400 Amp with new CR of ratio 300/150/5 Amp alongwith wiring proper insulation. 1 job
(M)/Repl.of one No burnt CT ratio 50/5 a in 11 KV O/G OCB to T2 pannel No NV make BICCO capacity 400 Amp with new Ct ratio 50/5A alongwith wiring,proper insulation works complete in all respect. 1 job
(M)/Less credit of old material. L/S
(M)/Repl.of burnt CT ratio 150/75/5 A in 11 KV pannel No 9020037 make BHEL installed at 11 KVI/.D S/Stn sec 7C with ne CT ratio 150/75/5 amp work complete in all respect. 1 set of 3 No
8329/1172-79  Sectt. Mtc. Sub Division
Punjab Secretariat Building (Ground Floor), Chandigarh
Rs. 40000/-
P/F temporary fibre glas chajjas/sunshade in H.No. 25(judge house) in Sector-4,Chandigarh.  
(M)/P/F 1.5mm thick(average) coloured cosrrugated fibre sheet on existing M.S angle iron frame i/c the cost of J hooks,nuts and bolts,bitumen washers complete in all respect to theentire satisfaction of theEngineer-in-charg e. 356 Sft.
(M)/P/F M.S brackets consistying of L-iron of size to be fixed with the help of nuts and bolts to be grouted in brick masonary/RCC with C.C./ as per NIQ. a) Ist storey 435Sft. b) 2nd Storey 275Kg.