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Ref. No. Division / Sub Division Estimated Amount
Issue Date
Last Date
Name of Work
Item Description
Quantity Required
106  Elecy Op SD3
Rs. 49000/-
Mtc. of L.D.System under Electy. OP. Sub Divn.No.3, Sec.18A,Chandigarh (Site-H.No.2073 to 2088, Sec.28C and 2016 to 2109 Sec.28C,Chd.)  
(M)/S/E of M.S. sheet deep drawn metal meter boxes (MMB) of 18 SWG CRCA M.S. sheet for housing 4 No. single phase energy meters of any make for electric connections of general category i.e. Domestic consumers. The inernal dimensions of MMB shall be 560x430x165mm (i.e. height x width x depth). The base and cover of the MCB shall be individually in one piece without any welding except for fixing of the accessories. 6 Nos.
(M)/E/O PVC 2/Cx16mm.sq. for prov. new service wire to consumers from meter to main switch (supplied by the deptt.) 450 Mtrs.
(M)/E/O PVC/XLPE 4/C 25mm.sq. cable for providing main cable from pole to meter box (supplied by the deptt.) 83 Mtrs.
(M)/S/E of GSL No.8 SWG for providing earth to meter boxes with S/E of hooks, seddle clamps etc. 124 Mtrs.
(S)/Shifting of meters from insde of the peremises to outside complete job 24 Nos.
(M)/D/E of PVC 2/C and 4/C cables/services as required at site. 210 Mtrs.
31009/Enquiry  Elecy Sub division 9
Rs. 45000/-
Mtc. of LD system under SDO, Electy ‘OP’ S/Divn. No. -9, Sector-43, Chandigarh .  
(S)/SITE-A- near busstand sector-43,Chd.
(M)/S/E of 11KV Stay set complete in all respect. 06 nos.
(M)/S/E of HT fuse unit complete in all respect. 01 job.
(S)/SITE-B- near conifer garden Sector-52,Chd.
(S)/D/o 11KV cross arm complete in all respect. 02 jobs.
(M)/S/E of 11KV extensions by providing 03 nos. MS channels size 100x50x6mmx6’ long and MS angle iron size 50x50x6mm including D/E of ACSR 0.075sq” conductor at site. 02 jobs.
(S)/Less credit of old dismantled material. L/S
(S)/SITE-C- L.T. O/G 1442&857 circuit sector-42&43, chd.
(S)/D/o LT damaged pillar box 2’x2 ½’x18”. 02 nos.
(M)/S/E LT pillar box of size 2’x2 ½’x18”. 02 nos.
(S)/Credit of old dismantlement . L/S
31016/972-77  Mtc. Sub Division No 2
Sector 16, Chandigarh
Rs. 20000/-
A/R to Deluxe Building, Sector-9, Chandigarh. (Disposal of surplus and unusable dismantled scrap material lying in the basement of the cycle cum scooter stand)  
(M)/Scrap unserviceable wood and wood material. 400
(M)/Scrap unserviceable wood and wood material. 400
(M)/G.I./Iron Scrap 750
(M)/G.I./Iron Scrap 750
31019/155  Elecy Sub division 9
Rs. 36000/-
Maintenance of LD system under work Electricity OP Sub Division No 9 Sector 43 Chandigarh Site of work I/D S/Stn Sector 44-D Chandigarh ,  
(S)/Dismantle as erection opening of the HT trolley Lank of same refitting and 2 Job
(S)/Replacement of female contacts 400 Amp 6 Nos
(S)/Replacement of male contacts 400 Amp 5 Nos
(S)/Replacement of jaw contact of trolley 4 Nos
(S)/Purring of T/F oil in trolley 110 Ltr
(S)/Purring of HT Trolley 2 Nos
(S)/Replacement of female arching base 3 No
(S)/Cleaning of mechanism system and greasing of oiling same refitting 2 Nos
(S)/Less credit of old dismantle material L/S
31022/156  Elecy Sub division 9
Rs. 49700/-
M and R Maintenance of vehicle No CH 01G1-0890 Site of work SDO Electy OP S/Division No 9 Sector 43A Chandigarh  
(S)/Replacement of control value 5 Nos
(S)/Repair of bucket link age 1 Job
(S)/ S/E pipe line clamp 1 Job
(S)/Repair of pipe line 1 Job
(S)/Repair of PTO 1 Job
(S)/Replacement of distributor seal kit 1 No
(S)/Repair of PTO coupling repair 1 job
(S)/Replacement of rubber hoses 27 inch 5 Nos
(S)/Replacement of return line filter 1 No Job
(S)/Purring of hydraulic oil 70 Ltr
(S)/Replacement of suction strainer 1 Mtr
(S)/Replacement of filter breather 1 No
31027/157  Elecy Sub division 9
Rs. 24000/-
Providing Photostat machine Site of work SDO Electy OP S/Division No 9 Sector 43A Chandigarh  
(S)/Providing Photostat machine on monthly rent basis in the office S/Divn No 9 sector 43 Chandigarh including service , repair toner and replacement of defective parts. 1 Nos
8507/133  Elecy Op SD 2

Rs. 30000/-
Mtc of L.D System( Site: 1 KV I/D Sub Station Sec 7 C.)  
(M)/Repl of 1 No burnt CT of ratio 300/150/5A 1n 11 KV I/C OCB pannel No 30361G make crompton capacity 400 Amp with new CR of ratio 300/150/5 Amp alongwith wiring proper insulation. 1 job
(M)/Repl.of one No burnt CT ratio 50/5 a in 11 KV O/G OCB to T2 pannel No NV make BICCO capacity 400 Amp with new Ct ratio 50/5A alongwith wiring,proper insulation works complete in all respect. 1 job
(M)/Less credit of old material. L/S
(M)/Repl.of burnt CT ratio 150/75/5 A in 11 KV pannel No 9020037 make BHEL installed at 11 KVI/.D S/Stn sec 7C with ne CT ratio 150/75/5 amp work complete in all respect. 1 set of 3 No
8329/1172-79  Sectt. Mtc. Sub Division
Punjab Secretariat Building (Ground Floor), Chandigarh
Rs. 40000/-
P/F temporary fibre glas chajjas/sunshade in H.No. 25(judge house) in Sector-4,Chandigarh.  
(M)/P/F 1.5mm thick(average) coloured cosrrugated fibre sheet on existing M.S angle iron frame i/c the cost of J hooks,nuts and bolts,bitumen washers complete in all respect to theentire satisfaction of theEngineer-in-charg e. 356 Sft.
(M)/P/F M.S brackets consistying of L-iron of size to be fixed with the help of nuts and bolts to be grouted in brick masonary/RCC with C.C./ as per NIQ. a) Ist storey 435Sft. b) 2nd Storey 275Kg.